Grant Wiggins: “Just because it’s hands-on doesn’t mean it’s minds-on”

When I saw the title of this article in my LinkedIn news feed, I immediately became defensive; after all, the tenets of multiple intelligences, which drives much of what I believe, indicates that bodily-kinesthetic learning is powerful and effective. When I saw that Wiggins had written it, my hackles went down, a little bit, and I began to read.  I soon found myself cheering because the article truly nails the essential ingredients of what makes hands-on learning powerful and effective: ensuring student understanding of what is being learned and why it matters. I was reminded of one of the best pieces of advice offered  up during grad school: “If you don’t know why you are asking your students to do/learn something, then you should not be doing it.”

Read the article here: “Just because it’s hands-on . . . “


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