“I learn (and relearn) so much from these workshops. Ms. Paul’s workshops are always interesting, imaginative, helpful and articulate.” — elementary teacher

“I am refocused and really feel empowered and more confident with teaching writing.” — middle school ELA teacher

“I want to make sure that I give a lot of different choices of activities and I now have a better understanding of why a student might be doing something.” — first grade teacher

“I will hear/perceive student comments and behaviors from a more neutral perspective. [MBTI] gives me additional strategies for differentiating my instruction and helps me recognize different elements of the diversity in my classroom.” — high school science teacher

“Students in special ed need all the support they can get and MBTI gives me more tools to help them.” — elementary special ed teacher

“Behavior management is one of my current greatest struggles and learning how to work with my students’ different personalities rather than against them is very helpful.” — high school math teacher

“Before I took this class I understood kids had different learning styles. I went to multiple workshops [on many topics]. All were helpful to me, but there was always something missing. I could not quite put my finger on it. Learning about personality types is the glue that pulls all other workshops and prior knowledge together.” — middle school  paraprofessional

“I wanted to learn new and innovative ways to differentiate instruction, procedures and classroom management. This class exceeded my expectations with how applicable the theory is now.” — elementary paraprofessional

“Marilyn teaches with a sensibility and responsiveness to others that is uncommon in our society. She has the ability to turn new knowledge, whether it be about multiple intelligences, learning styles, technology, data use, differentiated instruction or integrating the arts, into practical applications. I am confident that today’s educators would be afforded a lasting benefit should Marilyn be provided the opportunity to share her expertise.” — assistant superintendent

“This will be useful in the classroom to understand where students are coming from and what their behaviors really mean. It will also give me ways to further engage ALL types of students.” — 6th grade teacher

“I attended this activity because I wanted to gain more knowledge and expertise about teaching writing. It absolutely met my expectations, as Marilyn is so skilled in this subject.” — middle school science/ELA teacher

“I was delighted with your demeanor and ability to communicate all this wonderful information. Thank you for your time, patience and yummy snacks!” — elementary paraprofessional

“Your knowledge and presentations were amazing. I have learned to look at myself in such a different light and can pass that on to my students.” — high school educator


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