Marilyn will work with you to customize your professional development in the areas of Differentiation and English/Language Arts/Writing. Listed below are some of the many workshops that Marilyn can bring to your school or district. Most workshops are appropriate for classroom teachers of any grade/subject, other professionals who work directly with students, and paraprofessionals.


First, Know Yourself: Introduction to MBTI — In this presentation, participants learn the background of the MBTI, learn their own type, and learn some ways that it can be helpful in educational settingsCan be done in two hours, but it’s better in three hours.

Differentiation That Makes Sense: Using MBTI in the Classroom — This workshop can be modified to suit your needs. At its best, this presentation requires 12 contact hours (usually in four sessions, but that is flexible). If participants already know their type, it can be done in  less time.  

The Power of Multiple Intelligences: Grab It! — This two hour workshop  is geared to teachers and paraprofessionals of any grade and any subject. It includes an overview of the theory of M.I., benefits of using it in schools, and how it can be used in classroom behavior management. Participants will complete an M.I. inventory to learn their own strengths and stretches, and will learn ways to incorporate it into their units and lessons.

The Teaching of Writing: Many Layers, Many Choices — When we ask our students to write, their internal reactions (and often their vocal responses) vary widely, yet we are expected to teach all of them effectively. This workshop addresses ways to reach learners of varied levels of competency. Topics include: Purpose for writing, obstacles for students, and how to help students who can’t sit still, can’t think of ideas, or feel inadequate.  Three hours.

Smart 8 Ways: Teaching with Multiple Intelligences — This is a twelve-hour course for teachers and paraprofessionals, designed to dig deeply into the theory and power of M.I.


Teaching Writing: What’s Hard? What’s Missing — There is no denying that the teaching of writing, to students of any age, can be hard and extraordinarily time consuming. At the same time, teachers are expected to be proficient in spite of the obstacles encountered every day. Time savers and handling the grading are highlighted, and the presenter also addresses individual concerns that are listed on the registration form. This ensures that participants get the answers they need! Two hours.

Collins vs. 6-Traits: They Can Work Together — These two methods of teaching/using writing in the classroom are effective and proven to be successful, but did you know they can be used simultaneously? Learn how in this  two-hour workshop.

The Teaching of Writing: Using Rubrics — This two-hour workshop looks at the benefits of using rubrics, characteristics of good rubrics, and how to use rubrics to their best advantage. Teachers of all grades and subjects will find it useful.

Six-Traits Writing: An Overview — This workshop is first in a series of sessions designed to examine Six-Traits. This overview explores the writing process and how it works, and how the six traits are designed to identify and assess each of the six components of good writing . Two hours.

Six-Traits Writing: Voice and Ideas — In order to develop a good piece of writing, you must have a good idea, and be able to present that idea in the appropriate voice. This workshop will explore these traits, and will provide the participants with many resources and activities to use in their classrooms. Two hours.

Six-Traits Writing: Organization and Fluency — Good writing must be well organized, and the writing must be fluent. This workshop will explore these traits, and will provide the participants with resources and activities to use in their classrooms. Two hours.

Six-Traits Writing: Word Choice and Conventions —  Helping students of all ages through their struggles with word choice and conventions seems like a never-ending battle. This workshop will provide the participant with resources and activities to use in their classrooms. Two hours.

Celebrate Poetry! Don’t Be Afraid of It! — The presenter will share her love of this form of writing, and will offer many helpful strategies for students of all ages and levels of ability. Be prepared to write some poetry! And enjoy it! Two hours.

Setting Up a Multi-Genre Writing Project — Multi-genre writing is complex, but rich and deeply valuable to students in developing good writing skills, especially voice. Participants will learn the nuts and bolts of setting up a unit in their own classrooms. Two hours.


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